Imola Ceramica

Imola is a producer of ceramic tile and porcelain tile. Imola is located in Italy, and is imported into the United States and resold though Value Floors Direct. Imola manufactures many ceramic and porcelain tiles, including the necessary accessories such as bullnose, decorations, listello pieces, and trim pieces. Value Floors Direct resells the following lines from Imola; Imola Africa, Imola Antares, Imola Appia, Imola Ara, Imola Archim, Imola Bretagne, Imola Casale, Imola Domus Aurea, Imola Etnea, Imola Excaliber, Imola Nickel, Imola Rochelle, Imola Julia, Imola Pavona, Imola Picasso, Imola Sirrah, Imola Velia, Imola Xeno, Imola Yo-Yo and Imola Zen. Please choose from one of the Factory Series below to view our Imola collections.

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