Unicom Starker Ceramic

Unicom is a producer of ceramic tile and porcelain tile. Unicom is located in Italy, and is imported into the United States and resold though Value Floors Direct. Unicom manufactures many ceramic and porcelain tiles, including the necessary accessories such as bullnose, decorations, listello pieces, and trim pieces. Value Floors Direct resells the following lines from Unicom; Unicom Affreschi, Unicom Ardesia, Unicom Artstone, Unicom Cliffstone, Unicom Forest/Old Forest, Unicom Interni, Unicom Landscape, Unicom Materiae, Unicom Palladio, Unicom Pietre Preziose, Unicom Rocce Lunari, Unicom Rocky Mountain and Unicom Tuscany. Please choose from one of the Factory Series below to view our Unicom collections.

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