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One of the leading vendors of high fashion ceramic tile, Alfa Italian Tile is widely known and respected as one of Italy’s leaders in fine tile for the bathroom, kitchen, lounges and living rooms. Indoor or outdoor, Alfa tile ceramic tile has the styles and colors to meet today’s fashion sensibilities. Headquartered in Roteglia, Italy, Alfa tile Ceramiche is the leader of the Gruppo Ceramiche Riwal, one of the most important groups in the manufacturing of wall and floor ceramic tile. Citing its skilled and experienced workforce as its most valuable asset, AlfaLux prides itself on its innovative technology, market research, and customer satisfaction. To insure the highest quality, all of the Riwal brands, including Alfa Tile, undergo certification to comply with ISO 9000 standards in manufacturing. This certification process results in best practices throughout the entire manufacturing process for the tightest quality control, and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. With an innovative flair for the modern, yet deeply rooted in a tradition of craftsmanship, Alfa tile ceramic tiles are available in styles and colors that are sure to please. Order with confidence of knowing that your ceramic tile from Alfa tile with be beautiful to look at, beautiful to work with, and beautiful to live with.

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