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For the last century, Adex has offered beautifully traditional tiles that fit contemporary designs. Value Floors Direct offers several lines of this Spanish tile, including:

FloorHamptonNeriOcean and Studio.

Create a stunningly different design with Floor by Adex. Use the Bone and White hexagonal tiles to design a mosaic of mathematical precision or fanciful whimsy. This collection comes with a semi-matte finish for a smooth touch.

Hampton by Adex is a collection with exquisite design and detail. Tiles in bone, sand, and white come with a finely crackled glaze, creating stunningly delicate texture. Hampton tiles guarantee character and and story for your space.

The Neri collection provides the boundless flexibility of a stunning foundation. Choose a tile in sophisticated neutral and build the space that you want—with any classic or outrageous style—around it.

Ocean by Adex brings you the delight of the ocean with the sophistication of Spanish tile. The Ocean collection offers serene hues with unique texture that imbues any space with both relaxation and interest.

The Studio collection provides a sandbox of rich colors and tasteful accents that you can craft to fit a variety of decors. The rich gloss of Studio tiles is deeply satisfying.