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Alfalux provides high-quality Italian tile for consumers with exceptional style. Each of their lines (in a variety of looks) is carefully designed to trend, creating a delightful effect whether you want understated timeless pieces or a bold statement installation. Value Floors Direct offers 5 remarkable Alfalux lines:
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Rustic and modern at the same time, this is a universal collection that brings harmony to the surroundings. Tiles with infinitely diverse faces transform surfaces into aesthetic elements that never fail to charm. For domestic and commercial use, indoors and outdoors, and also for walls.

“Wood effect” porcelain tiles have long ceased to be a simple covering for floors; thanks to digital technology, they have evolved into a significant element for interior design. In the forefront of the new trends in living – and not just for urban dwelling – they succeed in creating warm, welcoming atmospheres equivalent to an armchair or other furnishing elements, thus establishing themselves as one of the most appealing on-trend features in the design and creation of residential premises.

Taking inspiration from several natural stones, with longitudinal veining and a slightly wavy surface texture in which we can see some brilliant effects, this collection with its timeless charm is capable of giving any type of surroundings an exclusive and refined quality.

The streaks on the surface reveal a new dimension of space. Oxidised metal is reworked in porcelain tile material: this is an up-to-the-minute design in brand-new furnishing solutions, where the studied simplicity of a minimalist taste is accompanied by a wealth of sizes and a variety of colours. Sober decorations, mosaics and wall strips create an elegance that springs from the essential quality of the surfaces and from the originality of the details that figure prominently in the surroundings.

One material that has become very widespread for use in paving outdoor areas over recent years is Quartzite, which has now taken on a major role. This rock comprises mainly quartz, but inside it there may also be other types of minerals present, and these, in different compositions obviously also determine its colour. For this reason, Quartzite does not have a uniform colour and comes in a wide large range of different hues and colour-shades.