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After 100+ years providing tile, American Olean still delivers high-quality tile for a variety of designs and uses. Value Floors Direct offers several lines:
Laurel Heights,
Quarry Naturals,
Port West, and

The Castlegate collection from American Olean boasts a classic design modeled on natural stone. Available in three warm colors, this collection is excellent for residential and light commercial installations.

Danya is a striking collection with four distinct designs. The riverbed inspired designs are richly striated, at times evoking a shattered look, with bold colors. Danya will draw eyes in any space, offering character and the fresh peace of stone.

Laurel Heights, a refined travertine interpretation, is a soft structured surface detail tile line in sophisticated neutrals. Mix and match floor, wall, and mosaic combinations to create your perfect look.

Port West is a classic collection, with foundational colors and design broken up by subtle and unpredictable lines. This sophisticated tile will blend in with a variety of decors.

Quarry Naturals by American Olean provides the perfect foundation for your space, with solid-color tiles carefully crafted for durability and slip resistance. This line supplements the beauty of tile with functionality that makes it perfect for commercial spaces.

The Treymont collection by American Olean soothes and refreshes with light stone based design and subtle pattern variations. Create your own peaceful space with Treymont.