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For more than 50 years, Azteca has innovated and refined high quality Italian tile. With great respect for the environment and for the native culture and creativity of Italy, Azteca has developed tile collections that inspire beauty and enthusiasm. Value Floors Direct offers three Azteca lines:
Denver, and

Daytona by Azteca is stunning in light neutrals, an exquisite shattered marble look captured in subtle color gradations. Daytona is sophisticated and cool, equally appropriate for a modern minimalist space and a high-end professional setting.

Azteca’s Denver collection captures the elegance of natural stone with sophisticated color and gentle patterns. This classic tile collection will complement any space, offering a peaceful foundation for your design.

Titanium is bold, a collection of unapologetically rich dark colors softly threaded with lighter hues. Titanium tiles are a statement piece, the collection for creating a striking space.