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Vallelunga Tile

Breathe Life and Character Into Construction Projects with Vallelunga Tiles

vallelunga tileVallelunga tiles are the real deal. They are a premium Italian product line and are all about bringing together the old and the new. Vallelunga is a massively popular, luxury tile brand from Italy. True to their Italian spirit, Vallelunga tiles are stylish and yet, have a touch of the traditional. Each of these tiles have been carefully designed to meet a whole spectrum of aesthetic sensibilities. Requirements vary from project to project and from designer to designer, and there is a Vallelunga tile for every one of them.

The Old World Charm

Nothing ever feels as luxurious and extravagant as royalty. The Appia Antica, Vallelunga Pietra Lavica, and Vintage tiles capture the true essence of royalty. These tiles have a classic appeal to them. While their complex patterns are a nod to the crude stones used in the days of yore, their smooth and polished finish is a celebration of modern perfection. Every inch of the tile has been meticulously designed to exude the old world charm. It is quite mind-blowing how Vallengula has achieved such excellence. These Vallelunga tiles come in all kinds of shades, so they can go well with any scheme of colors in the room.

Cozy & Warm

There is a certain endearing sense of warmth associated with wood patterns. For people who love the warm and cozy feel of the wood, Vallengula has just the perfect designs. Different patterns like Audax, Vallelunga Tabula, and Martis offer the interior designers plenty of choices. The intricate patterns on the tiles are sensational and change from one tile to another. These tiles are also available in a variety of sizes. A beautiful and comfortable room is waiting on the other side of these awesome Vallelunga tiles.

Understated Elegance

Sometimes, less is more. The Base, Riva, and the Foussana Vallelunga tiles are a testimony to just that. These tiles do not feature any complex patterns, which makes them a perfect choice for people who love minimalism. These tiles are unobtrusive, but their polished texture speaks volumes about their quality to any admirer. These types of tiles bring together the entire space with their refreshing colors and basic patterns. If the furniture, wall hangings, sculptures, or other elements are to shine in a room, then an understated Vallelunga tile provides the perfect background.

New Dimension

A Vallelunga tile is as creative as it is traditional. Designers who love to add a quirky touch to their new projects should definitely check out tiles like the Navona, Villa Adriana, Villa D’Este, and Pietra Romana. These designs add a completely new dimension to any room. Thanks to their artful surfaces, they are visually stunning and inspiring. From cool to warm colors, designers have a whole spectrum of choices before them. And with a brand like Vallelunga, they will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Value Floors Direct provides Vallelunga tile with a variety of looks:

Vallelunga Appia Antica
Vallelunga Audax
Vallelunga Base
Vallelunga Foussana
Vallelunga Martis
Vallelunga Navona
Vallelunga Peitra Lavica
Vallelunga Pietra Romana
Vallelunga Riva
Vallelunga Tabula
Vallelunga Vintage
Vallelunga Vill Adriana
Vallelunga Villa D’este